bridal boudoir sarah brookes photography

Bridal Boudoir Photography

A bit about Sarah

My first boudoir booking was for a friend who was getting married. We shot some beautiful images of her in her bridal lingerie and I found the whole photography experience captivating. The idea of using flash was out of the question so I had to get creative with the natural light which was provided by small windows in the room. Using the light to create the images I wanted was a challenge but to me, that’s exactly why I love boudoir photography. Every booking is different, every minute can be different if it is a cloudy day for example and so it demands that I am at one with my camera and constantly adjusting to the light. I have considered using artificial light sources but that would really take away from the natural comfortable experience for the client. Bridal Boudoir Photography.

bridal boudoir sarah brookes photographybridal boudoir sarah brookes photographybridal boudoir sarah brookes photography

A bit about the session – Bridal Boudoir Photography

Enjoy a day dedicated to you. Be prepared for pampering and feeling like a total goddess. Images are presented in a beautiful Fine Art Album and provide a gorgeous gift for your man or for you to treasure for a lifetime. The session is all about you and can be done in your home or stunning hotel location and lasts around about three hours. Come on a journey of self-confidence and see how your inner goddess reveals herself.  Enjoy professional hair and make up and explore three outfit changes. Select 20 of your favourite images to be presented in a beautiful Fine Art Album for you to treasure.

bridal boudoir sarah brookes photography

bridal boudoir sarah brookes photography

What I love about Bridal Boudoir Photography

I love having the opportunity to work with someone one to one and boudoir photography is just that. Being able to be a part of something very important to someone and witnessing personal transformations is truly an honour.
sarah brookes photography

The fine art album

Including a Queensberry album in the price of my boudoir package was a no brainer for me. The ethos within my business is for my clients to be able to walk away with tangible photography for them to treasure forever. For me there is nothing better than looking through an old album and reconnecting with happy memories. Thanks to the Queensberry craftsmanship, it is a luxurious experience to turn each page and the quality of the paper does the photography justice. Every image is produced and edited one at a time so seeing my images on Tintoretto paper gives me such pride and really does the image justice.

Queensberry_Fine Art Album_weddings_cambridge_cheshire

The Elegance Selection
Feeling comfortable and happy, enjoy it!

A comprehensive boudoir PDF with lots of information on how to prepare for the shoot is sent to each client. This ensures that they arrive to the shoot completely relaxed. They are invited to join a secret Pinterest board where they can pin images that they are drawn to, this is a fun exercise as well as useful as it gives me an insight it to what they are looking for. Several weeks before the shoot, we have a nice chat over the phone to go through any questions. This is also a nice opportunity for reassurance if they mention any areas that they are self conscious about and also gain trust between one another. The shoot takes place in their home or a beautiful hotel room and they are treated to professional hair and make up. We have lovely chats about their hobbies, their partner and what they are looking forward to with the shoot. We then take a look at the various lingerie that they have brought and discuss when we will shoot which ensemble and why. I like to get shoot three different pieces during the shoot. Clients feel comfortable when they know what to expect. I love getting to the stage where clients offer up suggestions, this really shows that they are comfortable and enjoying the shoot which is very important to me.

Sarah brookes photography boudoir
Bridal Boudoir Photography

After the shoot 

Clients leave a boudoir session with boosted self-confidence and big smiles on their faces. After three hours ‘being all about you’ and uncovering their inner goddess, women feel that they have reconnected with their bodies and who they are as individuals. Sometimes life’s demanding responsibilities take over and we loose that connection. I know that every time the album is opened and poured over, that connection will come back to the surface and revive self confidence and the goddess within. They also leave feeling very excited to see the album and look forward to their partner’s reaction.

The surprise

I get lots of lovely comments from the husband/ fiancé too, thanking me for capturing their partner in such a beautiful way. What a privilege! Best job in the world!

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