Jasmine & Chris

I met the lovely Jas & Chris at the Excel Wedding Show in January 2017. They were picked out of a hat won an engagement shoot session with me! Jas was excited to hear the news and was keen to begin planning the shoot (how awesome!). We decided to have the session in the romantic city of Cambridge where the cobbled streets and epic architecture would lend themselves for the afternoon. Over drinks, the couple shared how they met, their wedding plans and what they enjoy doing together. I love people and I am very eager to know as much about my couples as humanly possible. It was lovely to hear about how Chris proposed to Jas on a beach in Barbados and how they plan to have a beach wedding over there in 2018! Wow!

As you can see from the images below, Jas & Chris share a unique bond and connection. They were kind and open about their feelings for each other, with no fear of judgement and therefore, their love shines through in these images. I frequently speak about how wonderful it is to photograph couples who continue to cuddle, even when the camera is down. Once or twice, whilst looking through my viewfinder, I saw Jas whispering to Chris ‘I love you’. It was so special. This declaration was followed by a gentle squeeze of his arm and a kiss on her cheek. As we wondered through the streets of Cambridge, the couple made the most of having an excuse to kiss and cuddle and I got the feeling, that every now and then, they forgot I was even there. Perfection.

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Jasmine & Chris