It was two months ago that I launched Sarah Brookes Photography and I have learnt so much! From setting up the website, SEO, to sales and marketing. It has been a very interesting couple of months! Furthermore, I have experienced the loneliness that can come from being self-employed. Overall, I have quite enjoyed the peace compared to the hustle and bustle of the financial services however; I very much enjoy and value building friendships with other small business owners. One businessperson in particular is Rebecca Sayward of Florae Foray. Ever since I met Rebecca, I have valued her craft to the point where she is in fact, the best florist I have ever seen. Even though we have different passions, hers being floristry and mine of course photography, we always unite over the fact that we are obsessed with refining our craft for the better.

Like me, Rebecca has spent years creating her unique look to her work, which has resulted in her standing out from the crowd! After every meeting with Rebecca I feel energised, bouncy and filled with pride as I carry off my gorgeous bouquet or headdress ready for a photo shoot. I truly believe in uniting with our creative sisters and celebrating our skills and finding ways to cheer each other on from the sidelines! Together we are stronger.

Here is a little bit from Rebecca on how she feels about her work, “People are all unique, more and more couples are using their wedding day as a platform to showcase their interests, style and design ideas to create a truly memorable day which is totally individual. I always bear this in mind with the creative approach when styling the floral decoration, I endeavour to interpret my wedding couples briefs with an attention to detail and passion to equal their own and create something which is a true reflection of the couples personalities and vision. Your choice of flowers, palette and styling is the perfect way to express your individuality and there is nothing I enjoy more than a daybreak mooch around the flower markets to find new varieties, seasonal blooms or unusual seed head which will add that unique touch to any design and ensure that your florals stand out from the crowd. With me I guarantee you will get a florist and wedding enthusiast who is as excited and passionate about your ideas as you are!”

Please enjoy a behind the scenes look at Rebecca putting together a beautiful arrangement!

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Thrapston, Cambridgeshire

Becky of Florae Foray
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