Chester Zoo Wedding Photography

Chester Zoo Wedding Photography

At Chester Zoo, prepare for a wedding day like no other, where love takes center stage alongside the majestic animals and vibrant atmosphere of Chester Zoo. If you’ve ever dreamt of a wedding that’s wild, adventurous, and utterly unique, saying ‘I do’ at Chester Zoo is an experience that promises to be roaring with excitement. Chester Zoo isn’t just a place for family outings and school trips; it’s a venue that transforms your wedding into an extraordinary adventure. Getting married at Chester Zoo is more than an event; it’s a whimsical journey filled with love and laughter. From Lemur Lagoon to a Penguin Parade of Love and the romance of Tropical Gardens, Chester Zoo offers a wedding experience that is as unique and enchanting as your love story. It’s time to say ‘I do’ surrounded by playful lemurs, waddling penguins, and the lush beauty of tropical flora—a truly wild and wonderful celebration of love in the heart of the animal kingdom. I loved being able to take Natalie and George for a stroll around the zoo for their couples portraits! They are keen visitors of the zoo so luckily knew exactly how to find the perfect spots which I now know how to find too 🙂

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