Oak Tree of Peover Wedding Photography

Oak Tree of Peover Wedding Photography
Oak Tree of Peover Wedding Photography

The Oak Tree of Peover is one of my favorite wedding venues in the UK. It looks gorgeous all year round. No matter what the weather. The ceremony room is bright and airy where your nearest and dearest can enjoy watching you get married. Everyone say awwwww!

The team are so supportive throughout the day and after the ceremony, they encourage you and your guests to enjoy your reception drinks outside on the beautiful lawn on the lovely outdoor seating. We take this time to do your confetti shots, and family shots, and then take some quiet time away just the three of us for lovely couple shots which is my favorite part of the day. There is a beautiful, private, wild area at the back of the venue where we can wander and I can photograph you catching up, laughing and being close to one another, having just got married!! After about 15 minutes, we head back to your guests and here, I can then step back and capture you interacting with your most special people in the world.

I also love to see how the wedding breakfast room has been decorated as it looks stunning set against the natural oak beams. The great thing about the layout of the room is not only can I capture the speaker during the speeches but also the reactions from the guests! Oak Tree of Peover Wedding Photography

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