The Granary Estates Wedding Photography

The Granary Estates , get ready to experience the best of both worlds – a perfect blend of rustic charm and chic elegance! Picture this: the flint barn setting the stage for your ceremony, oozing charm like confetti from a celebratory cannon. Then, the grand entrance to the stunning granary barns, where your wedding breakfast unfolds like a feast fit for royalty – rustic yet undeniably chic.

Now, let’s talk confetti – it’s not just a throw, it’s a magical explosion of joy! The Granary Estates offers a confetti throw like no other, turning that moment into a snapshot of pure enchantment. Your guests can soak in the beauty of the gardens during reception drinks or kick it up a notch with some garden games on the lawn. Who said weddings can’t be a playground for grown-ups?

From the charming flint walls that greet you on arrival to the original timber beams that add character throughout, The Granary Barn is an 18th-century wonderland surrounded by picturesque cornfields. It’s not just a venue; it’s a vibe, a mood, a celebration waiting to happen. So, if you’re dreaming of a wedding day that’s both relaxed and intimate, consider The Granary Estates your personal wedding wonderland. Get ready to say ‘I do’ in style, surrounded by the rustic-chic magic that only The Granary Estates can provide!

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