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New Life

Celebrating the beginning of a new chapter for me, Sarah Brookes


Welcome to my NEW WEBSITE!

Much like the images above show, new life is beginning to peep through all around us, SPRING IS HERE and I adore this time of year!

This is so timely and symbolic for me as I have literally given life to my new career, professional photography, after four years in the corporate world of finance.

Launching my business over the last month has been such a learning curve and a real JOY to create and see grow from a visualisation in my head to a tangible business working with amazing clients. It is a dream come true! From branding to marketing, it has all be so interesting. Thank you to Oh No Rachio for developing such a beautiful LOGO and Jayc for the website to be proud of! I am so looking forward to LEAPING into April with some Family Sessions and Easter Scene Shoots!

I am all about nature so being able to use my surroundings to showcase my photography skills and style is a dream come true and I hope you have enjoyed this FIRST post!

Stay tuned for monthly updates on what is on offer, tips, tricks and general ‘things that inspire me!’