I’m a big advocate of the saying, ‘your wedding, your way!’ and celebrant weddings are a great way to ensure your wedding suits your personalities! Hear why we think outdoor celebrant weddings are such a great option if you’re a laid-back couple looking for a relaxed and personal wedding ceremony! The overall benefit to an outdoor celebrant wedding is the freedom you have over the vibe, time and words shared during your ceremony!

Let’s explore this in more detail.

The world is your Lobster as my Mum says! Whether you want to hike some folding chairs to the top of a mountain pull out benches or hay bales, the choice is yours! Think big! This point got me thinking about our wedding plans so I’ve hastily sent a text to Justin proposing that we have a little ceremony on Roseberry Topping, a very special place to him! This is the thing! You can have your wedding anywhere when you have an outdoor celebrant wedding

Abby & Guy’s Outdoor Celebrant Wedding

The beauty of an outdoor celebrant wedding is that you decide the pace and length which helps you to relax knowing a rough idea of what’s to come so you can enjoy! If you’re chilled and hoping your friends and family will feel relaxed and at home, an outdoor celebrant wedding is for you! Less pressure as no stuffy vows, you’ve already done those after all!

In the run up to the wedding, you and your celebrant will work together to decide the type of vows you would like to share. Say goodbye to stuffy and formal vows and share words which will resonate with you for the rest of your life!  

Have as many or as little as you want! Take the time to enjoy the laughter and well wishes from your family members! Soak it all up! If there are family members who you miss dearly, bring them into your ceremony by asking your celebrant to talk about them. This is just a case of toasting to absent friends but really allowing them to be intertwined in the celebration of your union.

A gift for your photographer! As you can see from this wedding alone, Justin and I were able to capture all sorts of angles and different perspectives! Church weddings can be beautiful but all to often, Vicars restrict our movement around the Church for fear that we will distract them! If you’re an adventurous couple, explore the idea of having a wedding somewhere which feels wild and free like a woodland or clifftop! Why not! Enjoy and embrace the elements! Absorbe your surroundings

Thank you so much for reading and I do hope this has helped you in your quest for the perfect wedding ceremony! For more inspiration on outdoor weddings, check out my Top 10 UK Outdoor Wedding Venues!

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