About our Cheshire pre-wedding shoot photography session and 5 reasons to book for your postponed wedding day!

    Lauren & Alex were due to get married on the day of our shoot and they chose to celebrate the day with a romantic Cheshire pre-wedding shoot photography with me in the countryside. Postponing a much-anticipated wedding day is up there as one of THE most stressful things you will ever face as a couple. Turning that experience into one of celebration can ensure that even though this time in your life was painful, you’ve still come out on top, strong and together!

Stop and take a moment to smile and reflect that today, at this very moment, you would have been exchanging your vows. This was beautifully expressed in an image with Lauren & Alex’s watches showing the time they would have been saying “I DO”.

The amount of admin and difficult conversations involved in postponing a wedding are endless. My couples have shared with me that one moment they feel they have made progress and then a curveball has been thrown their way meaning they have to start again from scratch! Use the photoshoot as an excuse to get close. To forget about the to do list and hug, squeeze and be tender. You both deserve it!


We’ve all been getting very used to working from home in comfy clothes so take this opportunity to suit up as if corona virus never happened! Remind yourselves that life will one day, go back to normal, you will be able to share fun times with family and friends again. Get dressed up, plan a fun picnic or posh dinner for after the shoot and envisage your life after lockdown.

The shoot is a line in the sand, celebrating what would have been, and after the Cheshire pre-wedding shoot is all about the excitement of what’s to come! Will your wedding be slightly different now you’ve got more time to plan? Please comment or send me an email with your postponed wedding success stories! I’d love to hear them and share the love and positivity! Pay It Forward!

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