Being self-employed can be a challenge sometimes. No matter what industry you are in! This is one of the reasons that I like to get together with my creative business owner friends on a regular basis. I like to show my support by photographing my friends masterpieces which ultimately helps them to share their services with the world. Win win!

In light of this special time of year, Jacqueline of Aboe Designs came up with the idea to photograph her collection of Easter Bunny colour in jewellery. As well as being a very talented designer, Jacqueline is mum to three beautiful children. We met through Instagram and we also happen to live in the same romantic yet small village!

Whilst the children enjoyed colouring in their necklaces, I got to work photographing them in action whilst also capturing those beautiful bunny bonnets from Kk and Boo which came in blush pink and charcoal blue. How adorable! Kk and Boo was also excited for us to feature the stunning pink dress, bloomers, scalloped bonnet and ruffle collar peplum!

Within our team of creative women, we also had Becky from Florae Foray who provided a charming bunny ear headband, adorned in moss and flowers as well as easter bonnets for the children to take away on their easter egg hunt!