A couple of days ago I returned from a long weekend in BENALMADENA, Malaga, where I got together with a group of fellow traders. For over a year now, I have been learning how to trade on the stock market along side working and building my photography business. Trading has definitely fed my need for variety and development and I have really enjoyed pulling profit from the markets! Who would have thought hey, fully fledged trader!

12 months ago I was staying in the same hotel with a different group of traders and I was blown away by some key, yet simple questions, which were asked by our trainer Sandy Jadeja. He simply asked ‘why’? Why do we do the courses we do? Why did we come to Spain? Why do we trade? By asking myself such simple questions, from someone who for once wasn’t asking me to part with my hard earned money, made me really sit up and think WHY DO I DO THE THINGS I DO!?

Over the last year I made sure I asked myself this question before I did anything that required my time, energy or money. It made me more SELECTIVE with how I spent these things and therefore made me more FOCUSED and CONFIDENT in the knowledge that I was doing something for the RIGHT reasons and not causing myself to COMPROMISE my soul or purpose in life. It hasn’t been the easiest of 12 months but I have worked hard and have been clear on what I want. So this time around, I couldn’t help but be grateful and proud of all of my achievements.

TRAVEL is so crucial to GROWTH. Getting out of ones comfort space. Becoming refreshed and allowing time for reflection is so important for moving forward. I have learned the importance of RITUALS that stimulate me before trading and THINKING space that stimulates creativity, which I then pour into my photography.

I hope this post will encourage you to find your space of inspiration when all seems a little lost or confused. I would love to know where your space of inspiration and clarity is!

Do let me know!

{Images taken at Colomares Castillo Monumento. March 2015. Fuji X-T1. 35mm}